Pop singer and American Idol judge Mariah Carey recently recorded a single for this weekend’s box office success, Oz: The Great and Powerful. The track is called “Almost Home” and was available for purchase back in February. However, the savvy singer waited to release the music video for “Almost Home” to coincide with the theatrical release of the movie. If you are planning on seeing the flick anytime soon, you may want to wait until after to watch the video, below, as extensive footage from the film is used throughout.

“Almost Home” was directed by David LaChapelle, but it doesn’t seem like there was a ton of work that had to go into the creative end of the video this time around. The song juxtaposes black and white shots of Mariah Carey singing alone in a room with actual footage from Oz: The Great and Powerful. Since the song was written for the movie, this type of video actually really works.

Carey’s last few albums have been Christmas endeavors, but with Idol and the added press “Almost Home” has brought the 42–year-old singer, it seems she’s ready to get back into the spotlight. Carey recently admitted she’s been spending what free time she has between her work on Fox’s hit singing competition and rearing her children to put together a brand new album. If the new music sounds anything like “Almost Home,” the singer is at least headed in the right direction. We’ll let you know when Carey officially announces her upcoming studio album.

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