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Norah Jones has built a career out of an old Hollywood face and a breathy, sentimental voice. Her new single, “Happy Pills” has all the bells and whistles of a Norah Jones track, but her video has a brand new outlook, one filled with vintage cars and costumes.

“Happy Pills” is the leading single off of Jones’ fifth studio album, Little Broken Hearts. Set for a May 1 release, if the lead track is any indication, Little Broken Hearts is going to be a little more wrenching than the 33 year-old musician’s backlog. “Happy Pills” begins with a bang, showing an unexpected side to the normally calm and sophisticated singer. After a short walk down memory lane and some blithe singing – during which we get to see Jones wearing full make-up in the shower – we get to see the full story behind “Happy Pills’” anguish. It is here that the lyrics crescendo into a bubbly little melody that manages to make us feel comfortable in its brand of madness.

Maybe Little Broken Hearts will be a new phase in Jones’ career and maybe there’s just a little bit of Danger Mouse’s influence woking in there, but “Happy Pills” shows a whole new side to the singer – and if the video is any indication, it may be more fun to watch.

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