This week’s One Track Sunday is less about the music and more about a viral game. “Steampunk Tooth Fairy” is a brand new track from the musical and comedic duo Rhett & Link. It’s also the most interesting crossbreed between commercialism and art that I’ve seen since Apple began using popular music tracks in its commercial.

In “Steampunk Tooth Fairy,” Rhett & Link have teamed up with the company SleepBetter to create a video with a split frame ‘spot the differences’ video that might make you remember the good old days when your school subscribed to Highlights: For Children. The two funnymen have dealt in commercials in the past and the video takes that aspect a step further, and gives it a bit of a catchy rhythm, as well.

The split screen video follows a family who heads to sleep one night, only to find themselves haunted by people-eating monsters under the bed, giant extraction cranes, and a creepy tooth fairy. Even grandpa can’t avoid being haunted by terrible dreams, but all will prove to be well as ends well. As you watch, take note of all of the difference present between both halves of the video and head over to Facebook to take a gander at describing them. Not only will that unlock the answer key, but it will also give you a chance to win $4 grand.

It’s advertising at its finest, and it’s also weirdly catchy.

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