The highly marketable Sophia Grace is at it again. The precocious 10-year-old, who rose to fame thanks to covering Nicki Minaj’s “Superbass” and later became a nationally known figure after popping onstage on Ellen on several occasions, has delivered a brand new music video for fans. This week, Sophia Grace put out a brand new video for “Girls Just Gotta Have Fun,” a deluxe, auto-tuned, and original track also featuring Sophia Grace’s oft-silent partner in crime, Rosie.

Firstly, it’s clear this chick is better off singing covers of more popular songs. All the autotuning going on in “Girls Just Gotta Have Fun” reminds me of one of those news stories that have been autotuned into something resembling music rather than a nice little pop ditty. Additionally, I don’t get the weird vibe Sophia Grace is portraying, between the youthful toys and the more adult shopping theme. The youth has done well putting together cover songs about adult topics, but the dichotomy in this song doesn't work for me.

Still, Sophia Grace never fails to have attitude and she presents her vibrant self, obviously rocking a variety of tutus in her first ever original music video. Maybe the track will catch on with the younger set and we’ll be able to chat about a full length Sophia Grace and Rosie album, very soon. As of Sunday, the video has received over a million YouTube hits, and it’s well on its way to a being a huge hit. You can order the track over at iTunes.

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