Much of the chatter surrounding Paul Walker’s tragic death has quieted down in recent weeks, but behind the scenes, there’s apparently some extremely serious legal maneuvering going on. Cheryl Walker, better known as Paul’s mom, has filed paperwork with the court system asking for a legal guardianship of Paul’s 15-year-old daughter Meadow.

According to TMZ, the big issue in play is an alleged drinking problem. Walker’s ex-girlfriend/ baby mama Rebecca Soteros has two DUIs, and Meadow reportedly moved in with Paul three years ago because the boozing was allegedly getting worse. Both Soteros and Meadow are now living with Mama Walker full time, and the drinking allegedly hasn’t gotten any better. So, Walker would like the court to make her Meadow’s legal guardian in case she has to make any serious decisions, at least for the time being.

At this point, it’s unclear whether or not Soteros is going to fight the legal action. If she’s already living with Walker, it sounds like she might realize she has a problem and may think it’s in her daughter’s best interests for her grandmother to be responsible legally. Since she hasn’t spoken publically, however, that’s a very big maybe.

In the wake of his tragic death, Walker left behind an estate valued at $16 million. Obviously, much of that money is earmarked for his daughter, but it seems likely he would have approved of a tiny bit of it going to Soteros to get treatment for this issue supposedly plaguing her.

In Walker’s will, he asked his mother be given custody of Meadow if something were to happen to him. That desire, plus all of the problems Soteros has had over the years, would seem to indicate Cheryl is not overreacting but simply making the smart play based on the situation in front of her.

We’ll keep you updated on this custody situation as it progresses. Here’s to hoping whatever happens proves to be in the best for Meadow.

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