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Paul Walker's Mom Is Willing To Give Up Custody Of Meadow In Exchange For Rehab

A custody dispute between Paul Walker’s mother Cheryl Walker and his baby mama, Rebecca Soteros, has been brewing ever since the actor died. In recent weeks, it’s gotten especially heated, but apparently, there may soon be peace on the horizon. Cheryl Walker has reportedly promised to give up her petition for guardianship if her granddaughter Meadow’s mother agrees to a few conditions.

According to TMZ, the two women reportedly sat down for a meeting recently to hash out a truce. During that sitdown, Cheryl Walker reportedly told Rebecca Soteros she would let her watch over Meadow if she 1) went to a rehabilitation clinic and 2) agreed to regular drug testing from this point forward. No one involved has spoken out publicly, but those close to the situation are saying the mother (allegedly) begrudgingly agreed. So, she will start detoxing immediately and then head to actual rehab sometime within the next week or so.

This whole custody battle came a little out of left field. Grandmother, baby mama-in-law and granddaughter were all living together when Cheryl Walker surprised everyone by filing for guardianship, allegedly because of the aforementioned drinking problem and because Paul Walker asked she do so in his will. Obviously, that move didn’t sit so well with Rebecca Soteros and long story short, the two women almost wound up in court.

With two DUIs and a long history of Meadow living with her now deceased father, it’s pretty clear there is some kind of issue here, but as for how serious, it’s really hard to tell from the outside looking in. Regardless, Pop Blend’s sincerest well-wishes go out to the entire family during this time of need. Here’s to hoping they’re able to get back on the same page and spend thousands of productive and fun hours together moving forward.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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