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Pauly D Is Already At War With His Ex-Hooters Waitress Baby Mama

Pauly D might be warming up to the idea of fatherhood, but that doesn’t mean he’s warming up to his baby mama. In fact, the two parents, who once participated in a one night stand, are reportedly already hiring legal teams and bracing to go to war over both child support and custody.

According to TMZ, the mom in question is named Amanda Markert, and she’s a twenty-five-year-old former Hooters waitress. She’s from New Jersey, has one other child and took a picture of the baby girl she shares with Pauly in a high chair playing with one hundred dollar bills that’s now floating around the Internet. All of those hot facts are reasons why the former Jersey Shore star thinks he should be given custody. As such, he filed paperwork in his home state of Nevada, where the child was conceived, in order to push for a far bigger role in the child’s life. The mother, however, has far different plans. She filed paperwork in New Jersey demanding child support and seeking to maintain primary custody of the little girl.

When the surprise child was first announced, there was initially some hope the two almost strangers could get on the same page and try to make something work, but upon further review, there’s apparently little chance of that happening. Sources are telling various outlets that they full-on hate each other and don’t exactly have the nicest of things to say about the other’s potential as parents, which is a bit odd considering Pauly D hasn’t actually met the little girl yet.

Every kid should be entitled to grow up in a stable home and have two parents who are both involved and genuinely care about his or her well-being. Unfortunately, that’s not the way it always plays out. If all of this squabbling between Amanda and Pauly continues, this girl could be in for a rough childhood. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen and the two parents realize they both have sketchy histories but what is far more important is how they behave from this point forward.

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Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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