Immediate retaliation is for amateurs. More often than not, the best way to handle an epic insult or a frustrating prank is to turn the other cheek and silently plot out your revenge. Six months ago, Jeana’s boyfriend Jesse injected hot pepper extract into her sushi and then filmed her pained, over the top response. Rather than poisoning his dinner with all kinds of hot chemicals the next day or even week, she slowly bided her time until he let his guard down.

This week, that satisfying revenge finally came in the form of the above video. At times, you can tell she feels a little bit badly about her scheme, but more often than not, she’s pleased as punch about how well the prank went over. Besides, these two can’t possibly go too far. A large component of their relationship involves messing with each other and the general public and uploading the resulting footage.

Have you ever been locked in a prank war with one of your good friends? You know the anticipation and the nervous energy you feel knowing they could hit you back at any moment? Imagine how strange of a feeling it must be to actually sleep next to the person you’re locked in said war with. God only knows what the atmosphere at a future wedding might be like.

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