Two graduates of a prestigious school are under investigation for allegedly leading a massive illegal substances empire. Neil Scott, 25, and Timothy Brooks, 18, are accused of running a drug ring that involved five local high schools, several pounds of marijuana, and the affluent Philadelphia suburbs. Both men are graduates of the Haverford prep school, which costs 35,000 dollars a year to attend. Investigators learned of the two’s plan “The Mainline Project” via text, which was supposed to corner the Philadelphia suburbs drug sales.

Scott and Brooks are believed to have had eleven people in their employ. These people, including two juveniles, were allegedly provided marijuana, cocaine, hash oil, and ecstasy to distribute out amongst the population. Investigators say the two pressured dealers to move a pound a week of pot. Scott was supposedly having large amounts of Marijuana shipped from California to his apartment. An investigation of the house yielded over 11,000 dollars in cash, drugs and a couple weapons. Further investigation revealed that more Marijuana was being shipped to Brooks' home at Villanova.

Local sources say Scott and Brooks' reach extended to five area high schools including Haverford, as well as three local colleges in Pennsylvania. Officials were first tipped off via text when obtaining an exchange sent between Brooks and Scott…
Brooks:My Mainline takeover project is coming together fast. And I’m telling my guys I never want their (sic) schools to be dry. I always got pissed as (expletive) when I couldn’t find bud. But now that will never happen for the rest of my life. Cause I got U

Scott: We will crush it. Once you go tax free it’s hard to go back.

Brooks: This last week has made me realize how much I love money.

Currently Brooks has posted bond at 250,000 dollars, and through his lawyer, is claiming that depression from a sports injury in college caused him to be taken advantage of. Scott’s lawyer, on the other hand, is pushing for a minimum mandatory sentence.

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