I grew up worshiping The Price Is Right. My grandmother introduced me to Bob Barker and his harem of beauties when I was six, and I’ve been recording it everyday since. Naturally, my favorite game, like everyone else’s in America, is Plinko. There’s just something captivating about some schmuck dropping a yellow disc into a machine and screaming for Lady Luck to deliver him ten grand. Unfortunately, it‘s not always Lady Luck who‘s doling out the moolah.

According to TMZ, a commercial was shot on The Price Is Right set just before taping yesterday, for which the Plinko machine was rigged to hit the ten grand jackpot every time. Just one little problem. Nobody unrigged the machine before the game show started, causing one lucky fan to bank ten grand three times in a row. Producers quickly figured out the snafu, stopped the cameras, and explained what happened. Don’t worry though; the poor woman was handed a check for thirty grand in addition to her new score, a measly three thousand dollars.

Here’s a clip from One Hundred Thousand Dollar Primetime Plinko with Bob Barker…

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