Purses Made From Popular Book Covers Make Literature Fashionable

Who says book readers can't be fashionable? Actually, I have no idea if anyone says that, but Novel Creations is giving those of us with a fondness for literature the opportunity to accessorize more creatively with these excellent book-inspired purses made from the covers of beloved novels.

Sold at Etsy.com, these Novel Creations purses are recycled from gently used books. Given the excellent covers for some beloved novels, the purses are as much a work of art as they are an expression of love for a piece of literature. Here are a few examples of the bags for sale.

Thanks to TheMarySue for coming across these clever handbags. The site made a good point that these purses would be a great way to cart around your eReader. As much as I love my Kindle, as it allows me to take all of my books with me wherever I go, there is certainly something to be said for a great book cover, and that sort of gets lost with the eReader. These purses bring it back!

Here's the information included at Etsy that explains how the book-bags are made:

UPCYCYLED BOOK PURSES ! My search starts with ? gently used ? books. They have to be unique, eye catching, or "make a statement" type books with their covers. My treasures come from garage sales, flea markets, estate sales, and the used bookstore where I work. In some cases, I will purchase a new book if there is a special request that I just can not locate used. Searching for that perfect book is half the fun. The rest is matching the fabric, handles and the button enclosure.The inside pages of the book are ? recycled ?. If you want the inside pages from your purchase, select the inside pages shipment from my website.PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR POLICIES PRIOR TO YOUR PURCHASE so there aren't any unhappy moments. ; )

The prices are around the mid-$40's on average, but it varies from purse to purse, and the site's items all say "Pre-Order." I couldn't find the information that specifies when they're expected to ship or what the wait is on average. It does say "Only 1 available" next to the price though, so if you're in love with one of the bags, you might not want to wait. Check out Novel Creations' full collection at Etsy.com.

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