Rat On The Subway Terrifies Tough New Yorkers

In two short minutes, this video personifies the term “first world problems”. As much as I’d like to judge, I’m from a first world country, and I ain’t trying to get stuck with a rat on a train! I say that mostly because rats have diseases and stuff, not because I’m scared or anything. Okay so maybe I would’ve been just like most of the people in this video, but that doesn’t mean I can’t point and laugh from the safety of my computer.

How many rats would you say are in New York City? If you guessed a million your number is too low. If you were to say 8.3 million, which is as many people living in the five boroughs, you might be closer, but there are people who still say that’s wrong. At maximum estimation from the city in 1998, the number was believed to be 28 million rats living within New York City. That’s three and a half rats for every living person in New York City!

So you would have to imagine that more than a few of the people on the train being filmed had seen at least one rat in their life and could cope with the situation. Instead everyone is all up on the chairs and squealing like the woman in a old Tom and Jerry cartoon.

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New Yorkers are always portrayed to be the roughest and toughest people on the streets but this video takes them down a few pegs in my book. The screams, the random crying at the beginning? The whole thing is very dramatic from start to finish. My biggest surprise is there wasn’t one person on the bus who just went and tried to kill the thing, although I’m glad that didn’t happen because this would’ve been a much darker video.

Why aren’t we discussing the mouse though? It’s the one that unexpectedly up and left its house and family and is now fighting for its life on the morning train! You know how many rat miles it is from downtown back to Fulton street station? I sure as heck don’t, but I’m guessing he won’t be lucky enough to get a cab back there! I saw An American Tail...I know it’s not that easy.

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