During Rex Ryan’s tenure as head coach of the New York Jets, he has waffled back and forth between being a loveable loudmouth and an obnoxious distraction, depending on how well the team was doing that particular season. Rarely, if ever, has he been accused of being too silent, but oddly, that’s exactly the position he’s in right now after blowing off the mandatory end of the season press conference.

According to ESPN, every team is required to hold an end of the season news conference within one week of the last game. Following the disappointing final loss to the Buffalo Bills, both Ryan and Jets owner Woody Johnson went on vacation without addressing the media. Numerous football writers complained to the league about not having any access to ask questions, and after the NFL launched an investigation, the team announced Ryan will return to take questions on Tuesday. That’s outside the required window, but since it’s only a few days, it’s unclear whether anyone will make a serious fuss about it.

During Ryan’s first two seasons as coach of the Jets, the team made it to the AFC Championship Game on both occasions, but over the last two years, Ryan and his players have put up a combined record of 14-18. With Johnson working to hire a new general manager as we speak, 2013 will likely be a make the playoffs or get fired season. Whatever happens, expect him to be a lot more obnoxious about it than he’s been in the past week.

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