Richard Gere And Carey Lowell Are Reportedly Ending Decade Plus Marriage

Richard Gere and Carey Lowell haven’t been photographed in public together in nearly a year, and now, it seems we know why. The sixty-four-year-old actor and his fifty-two-year-old model wife are reportedly preparing to file for divorce and officially put an end to their eighteen-year-relationship and eleven-year-marriage.

According to Page Six, the main problem between the two doesn’t involve money or cheating or any of the usual suspects. Instead, it’s mainly a chasm with their personalities. He’s apparently very much a homebody who prefers residing at their house in Bedford, New York that’s secluded and out of the limelight. In contrast, she apparently can’t get enough of socializing with their friends and neighbors at their other home in North Haven. Instead of compromising and splitting time, they’ve apparently just been living fulltime at separate houses, which, of course, has put quite a strain on their marriage.

Maintaining a good marriage over a long period of time requires constant diligence. Both parties need to be actively working on compromising and making sure no problems get too large to ever solve. If these two spent a week apart now and again at different homes, it wouldn’t be a big issue, but by signing up to basically live different lives, they may as well have been signing up to end their union.

Neither member of the couple has spoken publically about the specifics of this supposedly impending split, but sources close to the couple are saying they will make a big effort to remain on the same page for the sake of their child, Homer, who recently became a teenager. If nothing else, he deserves parents who don’t fight on a regular basis.

Pop Blend’s sincerest thoughts go out to Richard, Carey and Homer during this troubling time of need. Here’s to hoping the parents are able to make the best out of the rough situation and compromise as best as possible when the lawyers get involved. Luckily, they’ve each been through this before and should know what to expect because the last thing anyone needs is a trial filled with plenty of shouting and finger-pointing.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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