Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts’ battle with Myelodysplastic Syndrome is far from over, but the early results are back and they couldn’t be better. The affable host who received a bone marrow transplant from her sister two weeks ago is still sporting her trademark positivity and more importantly, a blood count number in the range doctors were hoping for.

Over the past few days, Roberts’ Good Morning America co-stars Josh Elliott and Sam Champion both stopped by to brighten her spirits, and within the next few, she’s planning to see her childhood pastor and her sister. If the forward progress continues, she might be able to move the recovery to her home base, which would no doubt be a joyous occasion.

All of this information came out in an extensive message Robin wrote on her blog today. You can take a look at an excerpt below…
”Today is what I like to call “Thankful Thursday, aka Friday Eve.” I have been in the hospital 25 days now. My bone marrow transplant took place exactly two weeks ago. The only numbers that matter are my blood counts and they are... GREAT! My sister Sally-Ann’s stem cells apparently feel right at home in my body -- an answer to so many prayers.”

Roberts has long been a brightspot on weekday mornings. Her energy is positively infectious and her smile just lights up the room. Good Morning America is a better show when she’s around, but for the time being, she’s better off taking care of her health.

Pop Blend wishes Robin nothing but the best in the upcoming weeks and months. Whether good news or bad, joy or pain, morning or night, she’s a fighter, and she’ll never stop throwing punches.

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