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Ronnie Wood is reportedly planning to walk down the aisle. The Rolling Stones guitarist popped the question to girlfriend Sally Humphreys last week, and by all accounts, she said yes. No specific details or arrangements have been made as of yet by the couple who have been inseparable for months, but the basic announcement did reportedly lead Wood’s bandmmate Keith Richards to tell his friend he’s pissed about having to buy him a third wedding gift.

Thanks to his time with the Rolling Stones and the Faces, Wood’s romances and relationship problems have been heavily discussed in the media. He was first married to Krissy Findlay from ’71 to 78. A few years later, he took up with Jo Wood, who he was married to until 2008 when he left her for a twenty-four-year-old cocktail waitress. That affair didn’t last long, and the lack of attatchment eventually led him to the thirty-four-year-old Humphreys who everyone seems to like.

Here’s what Ronnie’s stepson Jamie told The Sun
”Sally’s not one of the bimbos he usually goes for. She’s exactly what he needs. I don’t think he can keep up with bimbos any more.”

It’s never too late to grow up. At 65, Wood should have a lot of years left in him, and it’s worth it to spend that time with someone he actually cares about. There’s no guarantee this union will prosper, but judging by the reactions of those around him, it sounds like there’s a real chance this could go the distance. Pop Blend sends out its sincerest thoughts to the recently engaged couple as they begin plans to start a life together.