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On Tuesday, two groups interested in the conservation of diverse species completed a unique agreement to help build toward a unique goal. The San Diego Zoo Global and the Audubon Nature Institute announced Tuesday that they will come together to build a new breeding center that will help a couple of dozens of different species to procreate in a safe and comfortable environment.

Breeding in groups and having choices concerning who to mate with is good for many different kinds of animals, and having room to roam is even better. The new joint facility will be located just south of New Orleans and will feature over a thousand acres of space for the various species to be comfortable in. Speaking of various species, creatures as varied as lions and antelopes, storks and giraffes will be bred and reared on the property, which is located along the Mississippi River. The new facility is expected to open in 2014.

However, the venue won’t really be open to the public. According to the New York Times, the facility is not meant to be a fun touristy place to go to catch animals in a more natural habitat. Instead, its primary function will be the aforementioned breeding, but the facility will also be used for various types of research. The San Diego Zoo had been hoping to do a project like this for many years, but it took the Audubon Nature Institute’s land and generosity to get the ball rolling. As the program hopes to introduce some of the animals back into the wild, it’s great that the grandiose idea and hard work of some dreamers finally came together.