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The Talk might not generate as much publicity as its older and more professional competitor The View on a regular basis, but this week, the talker has been all the rage thanks to an interesting and inventive segment called “Shocking Secrets”. From affairs with Jay Leno to plastic surgery reveals, the women haven’t held back, and that frank honesty continued this morning when co-host/ actress Sara Gilbert decided to tell a story about coming out to her Roseanne castmate Johnny Galecki.

Apparently, the two had quite a thing while they were much younger on the set of the famous comedy. She had a big crush on him, and they used to sneak off and make out. Unfortunately, whenever that happened, she would get really depressed, and he would wind up feeling like he did something wrong. After much soul searching, however, she realized she was probably gay, told him and he kept her secret for years while she was inside the closet. Apparently, he couldn’t have been more supportive, and that continued into last week when she called to ask him if it was okay for her to tell the story and he not only approved it but told her he’d even appear on the show and hold her hand if she wanted.

In addition to the emotional/ kinda funny story, Gilbert also let the audience know dealing with your sexuality isn’t often just a matter of coming out. Sometimes it’s a longer battle in which a person struggles with wanting normalcy but yet being proud of the life at hand. It does get better, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t the occasional feelings of doubt.

The honesty earned Gilbert a standing ovation from the crowd and much support from her fellow castmembers. One would imagine it will earn The Talk more than a few new viewers too. After all, what’s better than watching a talk show headed by a woman who is honest, funny and relatable?

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