Jenni “JWoww” Farley is known for rocking daring outfits and showing off ample amounts of cleavage. Earlier this week, she did so for a good cause. The reality star partnered with the NOH8 campaign to put together a pictorial to promote marriage, gender and human equality, and the pictures are equal parts sexy and strange.

You can check out JWoww get her duct tape on in one of the photographs below…

Numerous other celebrities including Alan Cumming, Pete Wentz and Kim Kardashian have also taken their own pictures for the NOH8 campaign, and considering another court battle on gay marriage in California is about to take place, it’s likely many more celebrities will join JWoww in her advocacy.

The line between forcing your opinions down people’s throats and lending your time and talent to something you believe in can sometimes be murky, but the NOH8 campaign is most decidedly on the right side of it. The pictures are a great way to take a stand without being belligerent, and I applaud JWoww for doing so.

To check out more shots from the NOH8 campaign, hop on over to the official gallery.

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