Shakira Is Pregnant With Soccer Star Pique's Baby

Shakira cancelled her upcoming appearance at the iHeartRadio Music Festival, but it turns out the bailing was for a good reason. The thirty-five-year-old is pregnant with boyfriend/ star soccer player Gerard Pique’s baby, and the two have decided to take a few days off in order to properly celebrate the upcoming addition to their family.

The news comes just days after she officially boarded the fourth season of The Voice. Assumedly, she committed to the show in order to remain in one place as she enters the second and third trimester of her pregnancy, but none of that was addressed during the combination baby and concert cancellation announcement she offered on Facebook earlier today…

” As some of you may know, Gerard and I are very happy awaiting the arrival of our first baby! At this time we have decided to give priority to this unique moment in our lives and postpone all the promotional activities planned over the next few days.This means I will not be able to be a part of the iHeartRadio Music Festival, but I’m sure this weekend in Las Vegas will be spectacular and I will be closely following everything that happens there!I’d like to thank Clear Channel and my fans for their constant love and understanding.”

It’s unclear whether the impending baby will push Shakira and Pique to make a more formal commitment, but regardless of what they decide to do, they’ll now be bound forever by the bundle of joy they’re getting ready to welcome. Pop Blend sends out its sincerest congratulations to the two stars. Here’s to hoping the newborn will have mom’s looks and dad’s crazy, World Cup-winning athleticism.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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