Throughout the history of Big Brother, the show has had its share of scandals. From very public cheating incidents to unseemly anti-Semitic comments, the contestants often forget they’re on camera, and that’s a recipe for making fools of themselves. Up until now, it’s also been a recipe for relatively minor scandals among fans, but this season’s issues have gotten a whole lot more play.

During the live feeds, GinaMarie was caught referring to welfare as “nigger insurance” and she and her castmate Aaryn were caught ranting about how other people in the house probably wouldn’t vote against the “queer”. All in all, it was a pretty poor side to show America, and unfortunately for the girls, it was a bad side to show their employers too.

After catching wind of what happened and watching the scandal slowly blow up, GinaMarie’s bosses decided to can her from her job as a beauty pageant coordinator and Aaryn’s modeling company decided to void her contract. Of course, the women have no idea right now because they’re trapped inside the Big Brother house, but once they finally get released, they’ll be in for an extremely rude awakening.

To some, the firings are more than justified. There’s really no place in society for people to discriminate based on skin color or sexual orientation, and the more people who act in such a fashion are publically punished, the less likely it is others will behave in the same way. To others, however, it really sucks for someone to get fired over their choice of language when there are plenty of people who continually use off-color language without punishment. They always say after twenty minutes or so in front of a camera, people tend to forget the whole world is watching, and that can obviously cause huge problems.

I think there should be repercussions for spewing nonsense on television. I think these women should pay for their bullshit, but I can’t help but think taking away their livelihoods is a little too steep of a price for some ignorant, run of the mill racism. After all, since their violation occurred on the show, they simply could have got booted out of the Big Brother house as punishment. What do you think? Should people get fired from their real jobs over comments they make in the Big Brother house? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Should Contestants Get Fired Over Things That Happen In The House?

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