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Heather Locklear is out of the intensive care unit and back at home with her parents, though she’s still not speaking publicly about exactly what happened. The actress’ sister reportedly phoned 911 yesterday thanks to a toxic combination of prescription drugs and alcohol. A hospital spokesman, as well as the former Melrose Place star’s family, denied the issue was suicide-related, but beyond that, no one has offered much in the way of public information except to say Locklear is in good spirits and improving by the hour.

According to TMZ, those closest to Locklear asked the actress to seek help at a medical treatment facility after her stay in the hospital was over, but when she checked out earlier tonight, there was no indication she would do so. In fact, her parents have been very optimistic when speaking with the press and haven’t touched on the possibility of treatment for an addiction that may be present. Whether that means a potential stay in rehab is off the table or just on the back burner is unknown, but if some sources are to be believed, Locklear needs help as soon as possible.

Entertainment Weekly spoke with someone well connected with the family who alleged the fifty year old has been out of control since her break-up with Jack Wagner. He’s reportedly not a drinker, and that sobriety may have been at the epicenter of the couple’s recent troubles. Regardless of what the specifics may be, if the reports are to be believed, Locklear needs to make a change in her personal life. Trips to the emergency room are no way to live, especially for a woman who has a daughter to take care of.

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Should Heather Locklear Go To Rehab?

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