It’ll be a long time before the family of deceased former NFL star Junior Seau is able to come to grips with his tragic suicide, but before they do, it seems they’ll have to make a very difficult decision. For the past few years, a Boston University research center has been conducting tests on the brains of athletes to determine the long-term affect of concussions. Thus far, the work has shown a pretty clear correlation between number of big hits taken and brain damage, but more testing needs to be done before firm conclusions can be made. Last year, former Chicago Bear Dave Duerson shot himself in the stomach when he committed suicide so his brain could be tested. Seau ended his life in the same way, but no one around him is sure if that was happenstance or a premeditated sign that he wanted to be part of the study.

According to TMZ, Seau’s family is adamant he never spoke of having concussion-related problems or having any interest in having his brain tested. As a result, they’re at a crossroads trying to figure out what he might have wanted and what the right thing to do is. From a detached perspective, it’s easy to say his body should clearly be donated. After all, it would provide invaluable information, and being deceased, he can’t exactly use his brain. From a more personal perspective however, it’s easy to see why his family would be confused and apprehensive about letting scientists remove his brain since he didn’t leave clear instructions.

I can see both sides of the equation. The family needs to make a decision, and they need to do so soon. What do you think? Should Junior’s brain be offered up for study? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Should The Family Donate Junior's Brain?

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