Should Kirk Cameron Apologize For Calling Homosexuality Unnatural?

Kirk Cameron appeared on Piers Morgan Tonight earlier this week and called homosexuality “unnatural”. He further railed against society redefining marriage, a bond he claimed was almost as old as dirt. Not surprisingly, his words have angered many within the gay rights community including GLAAD.

The organization responded to Cameron’s appearance with a letter earlier today that called his opinions “dated” and “out of step”. The organization further released a petition asking fans to tell Kirk he’s “no longer (their) idol”. Just how many former Growing Pains enthusiasts will take up the call to arms is unclear, but no matter the number, it seems unlikely their pleas will change Cameron’s heart.

For the past two decades, the actor has been a very vocal born again Christian. He found his faith during the middle of Growing Pains’ run and famously demanded the screenwriters remove all traces of racy content from future episodes. Once the show was cancelled, he built a second career as a Christian speaker and producer and actor on many Christian-themed movies. His popularity might not rival what it was during the height of his fame, but within some sectors of the population, he remains in demand.

You can take a look at a segment from Cameron’s interview below…

I’m not surprised by anything in that interview. I fundamentally disagree with Cameron, but I’ve heard him say all of that stuff before. Like many Evangelicals, he believes homosexuality is wrong, and I knew he’d say exactly as much as I soon as I found out he was being interviewed for the show. So, even though his comments bother me, I don’t really think there’s any point in him apologizing.

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