Earlier today, Katherine Jackson was in court as part of the ongoing wrongful death lawsuit against AEG, and not surprisingly, she pointed the finger at pretty much everyone but her own son for his downfall. If she’s to be believed, her son was extremely sick and needed medical attention, but instead of giving it to him, the company pressured him to continue performing in a selfish, short-sighted monetary decision that ultimately had tragic consequences.

Almost immediately after Jackson overdosed on a sleeping aid, the finger was pointed not at AEG but instead at MJ’s physician, Dr. Conrad Murray. He was painted as an incompetent bozo with so much debt he continued overmedicating Michael in a desperate attempt to keep him as a client. After hearing all of the evidence, a jury actually assigned blame to him for Michael's death. If Katherine Jackson’s lawsuit goes as well as possible, AEG will also be legally assigned blame and fined billions of dollars for MJ’s undoing.

Clearly, in retrospect, things could have been done to prevent Michael’s death, but in looking for all these other forces to blame, are we losing track of the single most responsible person? Shouldn’t the pop star himself ultimately be responsible for what he put into his body, for the drugs he asked for and for the tour he scheduled, allegedly to buy a bigger house for his children?

On the one hand, Michael was a fifty year old man. There are very few demographics of people we expect more personal responsibility from than older dudes. We expect competence. We expect them to take the blame, even when they might not be solely responsible, and we expect them to take care of themselves. After all, that’s where the phrase “be a man” comes from.

On the other hand, a very tangible percentage of professional musicians are messes. They do more than their share of partying. They drink like fish. They sleep with anything that moves, and they live very dangerous lifestyles. Most of the time, these people are saved from early death, however, because they have advisors, friends, managers, companies and family members who push them into rehab before it’s too late. They have some honest handlers to control them and make sure they never go too far. Clearly, Michael never got that, which is crazy since he’s one of the biggest musicians in history.

Part of me thinks Michael was failed by those around him, and part of me thinks we need to all stop making excuses for him and admit he caused his own death. What do you think? Is it time we started blaming Michael? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Who Is Responsible For MJ's Death?

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