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The residents of San Francisco might have a reputation as being some of the more tolerant in the United States, but that doesn’t mean they don’t disagree amongst themselves as to where the line should be drawn. Over the past two years, community activists and politicians have been locked in a bitter back-and-forth over public nudity.

In certain parts of the Castro, a group of naked men routinely hang out and sometimes even saunter through the streets in the buff. Last year, the town passed an ordinance requiring the guys to put towels underneath themselves when sitting on public seats and benches, but plenty of citizens have continued complaining to Supervisor Scott Wiener.

On Tuesday, the city is set to vote on a new ordinance that would impose escalating fines on residents caught in the buff. According to The Associated Press, those involved with certain street festivals including the Gay Pride Parade would be exempt from the proposed law, but outside of those special weekends, all first time offenders would be hit with a $100 ticket.

Not surprisingly, the proposed measure has already caused great disagreement among residents. Some see the potential nudity ban as a necessary response to the recent increase in random, non-festival nudity on San Francisco’s streets. Others see it as the government trying to turn the city into a more conservative, middle of the road and less interesting place.

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Should San Francisco Ban Public Nudity?

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