Snooki is either super excited about Taylor Swift’s new Red album, or she’s just really happy to dye her hair post-baby. Either way, she’s gone out on a limb and gone a little more unusual with her hair color than normal, dyeing her hair fire engine red. You may be thinking we mean the subtle red or purplish highlights the pint-sized star has sported in the past, but that would be a very, very wrong assumption. There’s definitely more Rihanna or Katy Perry in this look than regular Snooki.

On Monday, the Jersey girl took a photo of herself at a hair salon as her new red tresses were being taken care of. The color is so bright, it nearly matches the Starbucks cup seen at the bottom of the photograph. I’m not going to say the Little Mermaid look is the best I’ve seen from the reality star, but you’ll just have to decide for yourself.

The Jersey Shore cast member has always worked bold choices into her wardrobe, makeup, and personal look. If you need another example, partway through her pregnancy, she released a photo of herself and her baby bump hanging out in her walk-in closet with some crazy pairs of shoes. That being said, the woman into crazy garments and hair colors now has a child to dress up, and I daresay we might see wilder stuff on little baby Lorenzo in the coming weeks. Hopefully, this won't go as far as getting excited about dyeing the kid's hair blue.

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