Snooki might not be ready to give up drinking when her son is born later this year, but the soon-to-be-mother has decided she won’t be boozing around the baby. The reality star and her fiancé Jionni LaValle have agreed to impose a two drink rule on themselves. If either has consumed more than two drinks either earlier that day or the night before, contact with the child is going to be strictly forbidden because, as the reality star put it, “God forbid we drop our baby.”

The above words of wisdom came out in an interview with US Weekly today in which Snooki also gushed about her stomach and ranted about her boobs. While most women might be excited to get a bit bustier when they’re carrying a child, the Jersey Shore star apparently hates her boobs at the moment. She was already a c-cup before, and now that she’s grown into a d-cup, she’s constantly annoyed. Her stomach, however, is another matter entirely. She sees the bump as a sign of womanhood and is eating as many brownies and fries as she can get her hands on to grow it out.

Delicious goals aside, Snooki is due in two months, and when she returns from the hospital, she and Jionni will move into the basement of his parents’ house to help with child care. Here’s to hoping the little bundle of joy doesn’t spend too much time upstairs on account of the two drink rule.

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