Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has always been one to speak her mind unedited. Sometimes her lack of filter can be weirdly charming, but now and again, it just kinda makes her seem like a bitch. Case and point: the reality star was recently interviewed about her impending motherhood and somehow turned the sitdown into a chance to bash Jessica Simpson for gaining more weight than she has during pregnancy.

The wild comment came out alongside a few other gems during a chat with US Weekly. Snook is apparently elated by the fact that she’s managed to stay “so skinny” while growing a child inside her. She’s not even in maternity sizes yet, which is, I guess, good for her because she has nightmares about turning into Jessica Simpson.
” "I would die if I were her size."

In Snooki’s defense, she is a whole lot shorter than the actress/ singer, but still, there’s no reason to resort to that. There’s no point in calling out particular individuals when one can just say she’s worried about gaining too much weight. Then again, I guess she wouldn’t be Snooki if she didn’t feel like she needed to or was entitled to go there.

The twenty-four-year-old is currently five months pregnant; so, she’ll likely give birth sometime in September or October. If the child turns out to be a girl, the future mother has vowed to dress the newborn exclusively in animal prints. Considering there’s not too much hunting in Jersey, the newborn should make it to Kindergarten.

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