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Snooki Welcomes Baby Boy

Snooki is officially a mother. The pint-sized reality star gave birth inside a New Jersey hospital this afternoon, and by all accounts, the whole process went swimmingly. The little guy has been officially christened Lorenzo Dominic LaValle, and he’s reportedly healthy as a horse.

Snook’s rep confirmed the birth to MTV, saying the “Guido” (not my words) weighed in at six pounds, five ounces. His mom is said to be doing great, which she’ll no doubt confirm on Twitter more times than necessary over the next seventy-two hours.

MTV cameras filmed much of Snooki’s pregnancy. Supposedly, they also were at the hospital today, but that news has not been confirmed by anyone related to the network or the new parents. If they were, we’ll no doubt see a much hyped baby special in the near future.

Regardless, Pop Blend sends out its sincerest congratulations to Snooki and Jionni as they officially begin the hardest challenge of their entire lives. Raising a child takes time, effort, patience and determination. Those skills are within both, but it will take a full realigning of priorities to truly be successful.

Over the next few days, we should hear every single detail that happened from the hospital trip to the actual birth. We should also wind up getting a length of delivery, height of the baby and which of Snooki’s Jersey Shore co-stars were in the waiting room when Lorenzo took his first breath. We’ll, of course, bring you those details as soon as we hear them.

Until then, you can send along your leopard-printed congratulations to Snook over at Twitter.

Mack Rawden

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