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Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor often gets up to some oddball endeavors, and his latest is no exception. The musician and composer has joined up with none other than rap mogul Dr. Dre to create a streaming service as an offshoot of headphone company Beats Electronics, which is partially owned by Dr. Dre. If you’ve had any interest in the business endeavor, now is the time to get excited, as potential users can expect access to the streaming service by this summer.

Jimmy Iovine announced the news on Wednesday, noting that the streaming service will go by the name Beats. According to Billboard, the service hopes to “marry math with emotion” and to put together playlists curated for any situation, from studying for a college exam to working out hardcore at the gym. It sounds similar to some streaming services already being offered, but Beats will also give artists access to data concerning who is listening to their music.

Creating streaming playlists for any situation is good for audiences who may not want to worry about putting together playlists for certain occasions, who want to immerse themselves in new kinds of music, or who may not have the time to put together event-oriented lists. Currently, the company has signed on 100 professionals to create playlists for any occasion, and if the service sounds like it will be up your alley, Iovine says it will be pretty affordable. While pretty affordable doesn’t have an exact number yet, the man expects Beats to cost users roughly $10 a month, although I wonder how much artists will have to pay to see what users are accessing their music.