Do you enjoy doing activities or wearing outfits ironically? Do you prefer buying things labeled fair trade? If so, you could be a hipster, but luckily, there’s a cure for that. It’s called Unpretentiousil, and it comes in PBR, Natty Lite and Soy flavors.

Go ahead and check out the commercial for the fake drug below…

An overwhelming majority of people can get behind hipster bashing. The only real problem is everyone has a slightly different definition of what it means to be a hipster. For example: I rock a beard. Therefore, I’m convinced having facial hair isn’t necessarily a hipster trait even though a lot of male hipster do. Other people rationalize for things like vintage clothing and listening to vinyl too.

As for the commercial itself, it’s surprisingly well done. It looks professionally made, and many of the small touches including flavors, doctor advisories and symptoms are nice little touches.

In just a few short days, the Unpretentiousil commercial has already attracked more than two hundred thousand views, and in the coming days, that number should only increase.

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