Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer was hoping to find stability with her new fiancé and another child on the way, but unfortunately, that dream has been rattled by an unfortunate complication. The reality star’s soon to be husband announced she suffered a miscarriage.

Speaking to OK Magazine, Jeremy Calvert said the pair were “devastated” about what happened. She apparently battled severe cramps for a few weeks that ultimately culminated in the pregnancy being lost. He’s vowed to stand by her and continue to offer support as she recovers.

The miscarriage is just the latest event in a sequence of stressful happenings dating all the way back to Messer’s time in high school. That’s when she got pregnant with twins. Complications followed that required bed rest for the final trimester, and one of the girls, Ali, ended up with some development problems. She later married the girls’ father, but the union ended in divorce about six months later. Her recent relationship and pregnancy with Calvert was meant to right the ship a little bit. Hopefully their connection is strong enough to weather this awful event.

Pop Blend offers its deepest sympathies to both Messer and Calvert. Here’s to hoping this blow brings them closer together.

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