Through With Crystal Harris, Hefner Invites Shannon Twins To Move In

Less than two years ago, Karissa and Kristina Shannon exited the Playboy Mansion for less luxurious California pastures. That’s when Hugh Hefner’s relationship with Crystal Harris got serious, and the two announced their engagement this past December. That wedding was supposed to take place yesterday, but Harris left Hef earlier this week and spent what could have been her nuptial night parting in Vegas with Heidi Montag. Classy. Now rumors are afoot that the ex-fiance was simply using the Playboy chairman for his fame to launch a movie career. Don’t feel bad for Hef though, the eighty-five year old has already asked the Shannon twins to move back in, and they’ve accepted.

According to TMZ, Karissa reportedly broke it off with her boyfriend, Smallville star Sam Jones III, but not before she asked him to help her pack up some boxes. How cold is that? After her things were in order, she met up with sister Kristina and the two drove over to Hef’s Mansion to reclaim their places as heads of the playmates.

I’ve long gotten past the point where I found it strange that Hugh Hefner had multiple girlfriends at once, but this whole ever-evolving rotation I find strange. I get the urge to act like you’re not bothered by the end of a relationship, but Harris and Hefner were actually engaged. She wasn’t just another in a long string of loveless partnerships. If it takes you less than a week to get over the loss of a fiancé, why even get engaged in the first place? It’s not only a slap in the face to her, it’s a slap in the face to yourself. It’s an admittance that you almost married someone you couldn’t have cared less about.

Whatever. To each his own. Good luck to Hef, Karissa and Kristina in the latest Playboy triangle.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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