The 1980s might be best remembered for wild clothes, cocaine, DeLoreans and Reaganomics, but there was also a crazy obsession with Satan. God-fearing folk were very much on the lookout for anyone who might be performing Satanic rituals or anything that might be in league with Lucifer. Thanks to a retro clip from The Today Show, we now know those fears once included demonic toasters.

More than three years ago, a YouTube user discovered a classic 1984 clip featuring June O’Brien explaining all the horrible things her toaster had done. It carved “Satan Lives” into a piece of toast. It randomly shot flames up into the air, and it pretty much scared the hell out of everyone.

Take a look at the hysterical clip below…

I love how, after all the Satanic writings, all the flames, all the times the lever wouldn’t bother pushing down, the woman still refuses to get rid of the machine because it makes good toast. God only knows the other ill-functioning contrapositions inside her house that she also refused to get rid of for overly simple reasons.

I have no idea how this report went over went it was first broadcast, but you would certainly hope smarter viewers had a good laugh. Even in a climate of rampant Satanic allegations, this one somehow seems more obnoxious than the rest.

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