Steven Tyler may have gotten through two seasons of American Idol without burning the place down, but even with all that experience, the Aerosmith lead singer isn’t exactly an ideal live show guest. He’s impulsive, swears like a sailor and now and again, doesn’t exactly overprepare. This morning, all three of those shaky personality quirks reared their ugly heads during an appearance on Today that definitely didn’t go over well with producers.

In fact, it’s unclear which of his two colossal blunders was actually worse. First, the frontman screamed Good Morning America, the name of Today’s longtime competitor, into the camera, and second, he dropped an extremely loud f-bomb during poor Al Roker’s weather forecast.

You can take a look at a highlight video of the live fail someone made below…

I love the delayed reaction from Al as he hears the f-bomb. At first, he’s pissed and then he decides he’s better off just laughing about it. Sometimes you just have to give into the madness and secretly make the decision never to invite the person causing the havoc back on the show. One of these mistakes could have been forgiven, but the fact that he made two in such quick succession is unacceptable.

Today’s big winner? Either Good Morning America or anyone who enjoys watching live TV spiral downhill quickly.

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