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In one of the world’s oddest match-ups, Tom Morello is going on tour with Bruce Springsteen. This decision would seem even more strange had the two never teamed up before. The two have performed live renditions of “The Ghost of Tom Joad” in the past (a song Springsteen wrote and Rage Against the Machine has covered), among other collaborations, but now the two will reunite in a larger and longer capacity.

This time around, Morello will be joining the E Street band on guitar when the group tours through Australia, which is great news for Rage Against the Machine and Springsteen fans living in that country, and rather sad news for fans living elsewhere. It’s difficult to guess how Morello will fit into the lineup, but according to Rolling Stone he’ll be taking the place of Steven Van Zandt.

If you’ve been keeping up with scripted series news, you’ll know that Van Zandt is the star of Lilyhammer, a Netflix original series that is currently gearing up for a second season. Van Zandt will briefly leave the tour to take on his acting responsibilities, and in the interim, Morello will fill in for nine tour dates. If you have tickets to see Springsteen and live outside Australia, you’ll be able to see Springsteen and the E Street band with its usual lineup. Van Zandt will rejoin the tour on April 29, for an Oslo, Norway tour date. Honestly, while the two seem like an odd match, it sounds like Morello’s tenure on tour will work out beautifully.