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Derrick Rose’s season ending ACL injury may have happened more than a day ago, but the specifics surrounding what happened and why it happened are still being fiercely debated by NBA fans inside and outside of Chicago. The reigning MVP and best player on a Bulls squad some picked to win it all was attacking the basket in the first game of the team’s first round matchup against the 76ers when he crumpled to the ground without absorbing any contact.

Had the mishap occurred in the first quarter or even the fourth quarter of a closely fought contest, most would no doubt have blamed nothing but bad luck for the injury, but considering it happened with a little more than a minute left in a twelve point game, more than a few are pointing the finger at coach Tom Thibodeau for needlessly having him in the game.

The curmudgeon said in his press conference afterwards that he felt it was important for Rose, having been injured throughout much of the season, to get comfortable closing games again. He let him, and most of the other starters stay out there, to try and get into a rhythm, but ultimately, his actions may have cost the Bulls a shot at the title.

So, that naturally begs the question: is Tom Thibodeau responsible for the injury or is best to chalk the ACL tear up to one of those freaky things that can happen to any player, especially during a chaotic lockout season? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Is The Coach To Blame For His Injury?

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