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Ty Warner Gives $20,000 To Sick Woman Who Gave Him Directions

Jennifer Vasilakos was confident, with enough hard work, she could raise the money needed to treat her life-threatening kidney disorder. In her wildest dreams, however, she never thought she’d wind up receiving it all in one check. That’s the incredible position she’s in now, though, thanks to the generosity of one Beanie Baby billionaire.

H. Ty Warner, the founder, CEO and sole owner of Ty Inc, was recently driving near Santa Barbara, California when he got lost and pulled over to ask for directions. A local festival was going on, and Vasilakos was in the parking lot handing out fliers in an attempt to solicit money for stem cell treatments. After a brief conversation, she wound up pointing him in the right direction, and he gave her fifty dollars.

According to ABC News, Vasilakos was extremely pleased with the donation from the nice man driving the nondescript car and never expected to see him again, but a few hours later, he was back with a promise. Warner formally introduced himself and told the woman he’d done some research on her condition and would make a larger donation when he returned to his office.

True to his word, Warner sent along a check for twenty thousand dollars, enough to cover her procedure, her lodging, her plane ticket and her food while in Europe. There’s still a fight ahead and a long road to recovery, but with the funds now in place, Vasilakos will be able to finally think about her own health without maxing out credit cards.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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