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A Tyson Beckford Sex Tape Is Reportedly Being Shopped

Several pornography companies are looking into buying the distribution rights for a new video that supposedly features popular model Tyson Beckford in a compromising position. The clip hasn’t been released publicly, but it was reportedly taken during a recent video chat between the former face of Polo and a random female model. For forty-five minutes, he reportedly talks about life, complains about being confused with Tyrese Gibson, gossips about his co-stars and oh yeah, whips it out and masturbates.

According to TMZ, Beckford’s representatives haven’t verified the tape’s authenticity, but they haven’t exactly come out and denied it either. They’re reportedly waiting to see the footage until offering up a public comment, which likely means there’s a good possibility this one is legit.

That being said, I’m still not really sure there’s a wide market out there for watching a dude jerk off. As dudes go, Beckford is about as attractive as we get, but more often than not, the porn tapes that actually sell involve two people actually having sex with each other. This potential clip seems to lack that element, but maybe I’m greatly underestimating the percentage of people out there who like seeing men go to town on themselves.

I guess we’ll see. If one of the porn companies make a substantial offer, it’ll be because they think people will buy it. As for what rights Beckford might have in stopping the distribution, we’ll just have to see.

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