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A couple of weeks ago, Usher was awarded full-time custody of his children; however, the long battle seems to be far from over. Usher’s ex-wife, Tameka Raymond, has already found a lawyer and filed motions to attempt to fight the judges’ decision, and unsurprisingly, Usher is pretty pissed about it. The catfight has begun again, people, if it ever actually stopped.

Tameka recently fired papers stating the judge who chose her ex as a caregiver over herself was delusional, and chose the prominent singer only after he contributed some funds to Fulton County Superior Court Judge Bensonetta Tipton Lane's campaign. If that’s true, it’s a pretty poor form move, but according to Usher, it’s all a bunch of phooey. It very well might be, since Tameka said she was going to file a motion to get the kids back far before she probably would have known about any campaign contributions.

According to TMZ, on Wednesday, Usher fired back in the courts, claiming his ex-wife’s claims are “biased and tainted.” Perhaps more importantly, the 33-year-old filed that the claims are “an assault to the integrity of the court.”

Sometimes battles for custody can be long and arduous exercises and sometimes people take a little of their crap out on each other when they should be thinking about their kids; however, Usher and Tameka’s battle has done that to the extreme. A judge has yet to take a look or rule on the case, but when one does, I’m guessing things could get pretty ugly…again.

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