Breast cancer is a tough battle, and for many women who have undergone a mastectomy and especially for those who have opted for prosthetic breasts and not a reconstructive surgery, finding a great bra can be a difficult task. However, Debbie Barrett and her daughter Allana Maiden are on a quest to see if Victoria’s Secret would consider carrying “Survivor Bras,” meant for women who have successfully fought breast cancer.

The two women created a petition that eventually earned over 118,000 signatures. On Thursday, the women visited Limited Brands headquarters (the parent company of the famous lingerie chain) in New York City to discuss the potential for creating a line of mastectomy bras for women who have dealt with breast cancer. Mastectomy bras are generally only available via the Internet, and this can be a hassle since it is often difficult to find a bra that will fit without trying it on, a process that most bra wearers should be able to identify with.

ABC News is reporting Maiden and Barrett had a very successful experience pitching the product they hope will become a reality.
“We were just blown away. They actually want to send us out there and are taking this seriously. I didn't know what to expect meeting someone so high in the company. I thought it would just be a pat on the back--'Good job, we can't do it.'”

Ultimately, Mastectomy bras would be a niche product, but it may be worth it for the company to spread a little goodwill and cheer. We’ll let you know if Victoria’s Secret decides to move forward with the Survivor Bra idea.

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