Drake and Chris Brown may have been on opposite sides of the brawl that got New York’s popular W.I.P. briefly shuttered, but weeks later, they’ve found themselves on the same side of a new lawsuit. The nightclub in question, now back open with increased security, is seeking sixteen million dollars from the two musicians for sinking a $4 million dollar licensing agreement, damaging its reputation and costing it untold amounts of business.

According to The New York Daily News, the court papers allege Drake and Brown both ordered their friends and members of their security teams to enter the melee once it began, causing widespread panic and numerous injuries. Owners of the nightclub think the two should have known their actions would have far-reaching consequences and as a result, should be held responsible.

The brawl allegedly started when Brown sent over a bottle of champagne to Drake. The two men had been feuding over their involvements with Rihanna. Whether the gesture was sincere or not, Drake sent it back, which allegedly led to ice cubes being thrown, then bottles being thrown and then full on chaos. The two stars have attempted to distance themselves from what happened in recent weeks, but clearly, W.I.P. still blames them for what happened.

We’ll keep you updated as this case winds its way through the court system. Until then, if someone sends you over a bottle of champagne, thank the generous party and move on with your night.

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