American Idol might be a conduit to turn the dreams of talented nobodies into realities, but in many ways, the program is still a business. For a decade, the biggest show on Fox has been a ratings powerhouse, and it has made numerous decisions to continue its success and protect is reputation. Unpopular judges have been forced out, shady contestants have been shown the door and new forms of product placement have kept the dollars rolling in.

Given all that, it’s no surprise contestant Jermaine Jones has reportedly been deemed ineligible. The seemingly affable big man was found to have four outstanding warrants, a fact he reportedly concealed from producers during the audition process. Rumor has it he’ll be allowed to say goodbye via video tonight, but after that, he’ll just be one of many footnotes forced out.

Producers make prospective contestants sign very specific and very rigorous contracts allowing them to utilize footage and ultimately expel anyone they’d like. As such, American Idol has every right to get rid of Jones, especially considering he’s a wanted man. On the other hand however, the reality competition has made numerous exceptions in the past for participants with a few blemishes on their records. It’s more of a case-by-case thing. Some have lost their chance for appearing in pornography, while others have had scandalous pictures swept under the rug. A fight at a Howard Jones Hotel in Jones’ past might make him a rather violent case, but it’s not like he threw punches at a judge during filming.

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Should He Have Been Kicked Off?

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