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Babies overreact to everything. In the presence of bubbles, a one-year-old could look like the single happiest human being on Earth. Twenty seconds later if those bubbles run out, that same baby could look devastated and betrayed and inconsolable.

Take for example this baby. Only ten months old, this little girl, named Mary Lynn Leroux, looks pretty excited when her mom starts to sing Rod Stewart’s “My Heart Can’t Tell You No”, but as the lyrics get a little darker and the emotion gets a little more heavy, the little one absolutely loses it. All told, the little Canadian probably sobs for a good minute before her mom ends the tune.

Luckily for the citizens of the world, the adorable, over-the-top reactions were filmed, and the footage was later uploaded to YouTube. In the ten days since, the video has been watched more than two million times, and at this rate, it should skyrocket exponentially higher in the coming weeks.

Apart from videos featuring dogs or cats, those featuring children are definitely the next most popular, which just goes to show you the immensity of YouTube. Parents always think anything their children or animals do is amazingly interesting. An overwhelming majority of the time they’re wrong, but there’s always that chance they’re about to show you the most adorable thing ever put to film. Considering how many parents there are in the world who videotape everything, YouTube always has a steady supply of gems, which cis a great way to alleviate boredom.

For example, here’s a baby walking up with every emotion…