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Celebrity approval ratings aren’t tracked as rigorously or as accurately as those of politicians, but if they were, it’s hard to imagine many would score higher than Bill Murray. After appearing on Saturday Night Live and churning out a ton of brilliant, over-the-top comedies like Stripes and Ghostbusters, the actor has spent the past two decades redefining himself as an understated genius who gravitates toward quirky projects and randomly surprises members of the general public with impromptu moments of hilarity and wisdom. Take this past weekend as an example when the legendary comedian gave a baller speech at a bachelor party.

The story first showed up this morning on Deadspin. A random dude named EJ was inside a steakhouse in Charleston to celebrate his bachelor party alongside twenty of his friends. At some point, one of the dudes noticed Bill Murray was eating in a separate room. At first, they tried to send him drinks, which he politely turned down. Then, they asked him to come say a few words, which he politely turned down. Then, out of nowhere, he just showed up and gave the hilarious speech seen above.

Speaking to everyone except the groom, Bill Murray quipped that while funerals are for the living, bachelor parties are for all of the guys not getting married. He then recommended all of the guys find the girl they think they’re meant to be with, then book an extended trip around the world to all sorts of strange and stressful places alongside the woman. If, when they get back to the airport they’re still in love with her, that, he thinks, is all the evidence they need she’s the right one.

And like that, he left! In retrospect, it’s the definition of the George Costanza end on a high note theory. Head into the room with a ton of energy, win the crowd over and then leave. For the rest of their lives, every single one of these people will go see every single thing he’s in. They’ll defend him vigorously to anyone who wasn’t there. In short, they’ll now go forth and spread the Bill Murray legacy.

Win-Win for everyone.

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