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Sometimes there are things we just don't understand until they're thoroughly explained. If you've ever wondered exactly how blind people use canes as a way to navigate, you're in luck.

Tommy Edison,a film critic who also happens to be blind, outlines in the above video how he uses his cane, or as he calls it his stick, to help him get around. Edison cheerfully shows how alternating his leading foot with the position of the stick helps him be sure the stick gets hit by something before he does. It makes a lot of sense when you stop to think about it. If you couldn't see something in front of you, you would want to be sure you don't slam into it to protect yourself from a nasty injury. Edison navigates the busy hallway with ease even though he can't see anything standing in his way.

In the video, Jackie from NewsyNews on Youtube, who can see, tried out Edison's stick to see if she could navigate with her eyes closed. Even though she was pretty scared and nervous at first, she was able to get around pretty well with by going slow. Jackie noticed that she suddenly relied much more heavily on her hearing when she couldn't see what was going on in front of her. It's definitely an exercise in gratefulness when you realize how hard just getting around can be for those who are blind.

On Edison's YouTube channel, he discusses the challenges of being blind and shows viewers how he does day to day activities and even takes part in some silly viewer-inspired challenges. His videos are a both funny and very informative to those who have never met someone who is blind. He films himself drawing, talking about his favorite noises , and using his computer. He also has many other videos giving those of us with sight a taste of what his life is like.

A personal favorite of Edison's videos is where he discusses what it was like growing up without sight. As a kid who was constantly bullied for disabilities, I can sympathize to some extent with what he faced in school. Edison shares anecdotes and has a positive attitude about the circumstances he was dealt in life. His good nature and insight show that despite tough life circumstances, you can be successful and overcome your obstacles.

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