We're in the home stretch for the election. For better or worse, the American people will decide who their next president will be tomorrow. Unsurprisingly, we're still seeing celebrities and other public figures reaching out to catch the attention of voters and request their support for one candidate or another. Jimmy Kimmel Live recently featured comedian Chris Rock, who had a message to deliver to white voters about Barack Obama.

Never one to shy away from the topic of race when it comes to his comedy, Chris Rock delivered a message on Jimmy Kimmel Live recently, addressing white voters and discussing Barack Obama's ethnicity. For those caucasian voters whose minds are already made up to vote for Romney, perhaps Rock's speech will change their mind.

"Mitt Romney's family has more people in it than a Tyler Perry movie."

Rock presents viewers with the "facts," which include Barack's nickname "Barry," his parents, his willingness to visit black neighborhoods to organize people, his preference for golf, body surfing, mom jeans and dancing with Ellen, all of which Rock believes will appeal to white voters. This evidence may or may not manage to sway voters away from Romney, but it was a funny approach at the topic.

And speaking of funny, check out the unaired Saturday Night Live sketch, which has Barack Obama pledging his support to the Hurricane Sandy victims - especially in Ohio.

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