Say what you will about underage bride Courtney Stodden, but she’s typically up for anything. She let Dr. Drew Pinsky give her boobs an ultrasound to prove they were real. She answered graphic questions about her wedding night, and lately, she’s been making a host of strange YouTube videos in which she gets up to all sorts of weird shit. The latest has to be seen to be believed.

Dressed up in cat makeup and an incredibly short pink skirt, the clip features Stodden prancing around the house making cat noises. She scratches walls, digs her gigantic heels into a litter box and generally behaves like a weirdo who got out of her cage. Take a look at the footage below…

The whole thing was designed as a Hello Kitty spoof, but it doesn’t really need context to be understood. Stodden clearly had time on her hands, wanted to make an impression and skanked out the first idea that came to her head.

I’m not saying I approve of this video, but I’m glad it exists. It’s like an art school movie starring a porn star, which is practically what the Internet was invented for.

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