There are certain things we expect from Canadians. Snow plow efficiency, overreactions to hockey games and a general sense of goodwill and friendship would be among them. Building makeshift ramps to jump jeeps over pools like giggly rednecks, however, would definitely be an outlier.

That’s exactly what happened earlier this month in Southern Ontario. Sporting a title that would make a SyFy original movie jealous, Kenny Mclean released JEEP VS POOL !!!! onto YouTube June 2, and the wacky clip has already been watched more than one hundred thousand times, which converted to Canadian views is actually about the same at this point in time.

With a goal of tearing down a backyard pool or failing and accomplishing some Evel Knievel nonsense in the process, these crazy Canucks built ramps on both sides of the swimming hole and drove a jeep as fast as possible. Unfortunately, the plan worked too well to run into the wall and break the pool but not well enough to get to the other side, which forced one of the guys to grab a saw and cut down the wall. Fortunately, Canadians are pretty handy and Jeeps are pretty sturdy because the pool eventually got taken down and the car somehow kept running, though for the owner’s sake, I hope he took his important papers out of the glove box first.

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